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Great review Keizer 42 in Dutch magazine 'Motorboot'

Great review Keizer 42 in Dutch magazine 'Motorboot'

| Motorboot Magazine has made a test cruise in Cannes with the Keizer 42. Editor-in-chief Yvonne Zwaan was very enthusiastic about the yacht. She writes: "Keizer has developed a runabout which scores well on all fronts".

We translated the article from Motorboot in English for you.

Test Keizer 42
Impeccable handling

Sure, the Keizer 42 is beautiful to see. The most interesting thing about this runabout, however, is hidden under the waterline. In the February 2017 issue, we already got acquainted with the concept behind this ship, which is sophisticated on every level. And now Motorboot has made a test cruise in Cannes.

It’s unbelievable what color can do for a boat. At the Cannes Yachting Festival held in September, Keizer Yachts presented two boats: an entirely white Keizer 42 and one with a dark blue hull with varnished wood look on the rubrail and transom.

While white may in fact be completely in line with the latest trend, give us that blue one! We apparently have expensive taste, however, because this hull is equipped with a very exclusive coating. “There is real diamond incorporated”, says entrepreneur Siep Keizer proudly.

The paint has already been tested on cars and planes and now for the first time it has been applied to a boat. This Keizer is the first! Microscopically small diamond particles create a wonderful effect in the Mediterranean sunlight. It is even more intense than a ‘regular’ metallic coating.

Akzo Nobel will produce the paint. We are not told the additional cost of this option, but it is available upon request. In any case, it looks beautiful. In combination with the varnished details, teak decks and white superstructure, the tender has the look and feel of a classic American sports boat.


With the construction and development of the Keizer 42, Siep Keizer made a dream come true. Together with business partner Jos Brehler and the naval architect Vripack Yachting, he has developed a runabout which scores well on all fronts: beautifully lined, good accommodation, practical layout, good cruising characteristics, efficient and also competitively priced.

“I have put all the knowledge and experience I gained during my many years as a yacht broker into this project,” he says passionately as we board the Keizer 42 with dark blue hull.

But the whole route has cost me quite a lot of grey hairs – the process of engineering, in particular. Building the ship at Bavaria Yachtbau was intensive and demanding. I am therefore very happy that here in Cannes two boats are already in the water!


Through an access next to the enormous sunbed at the back, we step into the cockpit. The cockpit is the most important place on boats like this. This is evident from the abundance of seats outside. They are provided with folding backrests and removable seatback cushions, so you can change them into sitting position, lounge mode or sunbathing mode.

At starboard, behind the steering position, there is a wet bar with grill, sink and refrigerator. The layout is spacious with a pleasantly wide, obstacle-free passage. Behind the big windscreen you are wonderfully sheltered.

In the middle, between the steering position and the passenger’s seat, is the entrance to the forward cabin. A beautiful and practical glass door closes off this accommodation. The staircase leading to the lower deck is quite steep and has been provided with open steps to save space. In our opinion the stairs could have been a little bit less steep and the steps slightly larger.

What is immediately noticeable about the interior, which although well cared for is rather soberly finished, is the open character.

Keizer tells us that he consciously chose to combine the salon and owner's cabin. Walls and doors have been avoided as much as possible. He wanted to create a spacious accommodation where you can comfortably stay, relax and sleep.

Below the cockpit deck is a second cabin, which is also intentionally not lockable.
It requires a bit of crawling to get there, but once you are on one of the two beds, the space is huge. Where a door has been placed of course is the bathroom, which has a separate shower, toilet and sink. The standing height is also excellent here.


On the turbulent Mediterranean Sea, the Keizer 42 shows off its best features. Despite the heavy waves, it remains comfortable on board, even if we increase the speed to over 30 knots.

The Keizer handles the waves like a gentleman. Heavy wind is not a problem. The spray rail creates a nice wave and keeps the deck dry. The Keizer 42 is also perfectly balanced and has an underwater hull that is capable of planing without trim tabs.

The transition to higher speeds is barely noticeable, and the bow comes up only minimally. The consumption is remarkably low for a boat of this caliber with two 300 hp diesel engines: 69 liters per hour at 25 knots. This equals approximately 0.7 liters per kilometer. Siep Keizer is also very pleased by the cruising characteristics of his dreamboat.

“The customer of this ship chose the trim flaps, but actually we can just as well remove this from our option list. They are completely superfluous!”


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