A different

The Keizer 42 is the result of the dream of two passionate water sports lovers. Thanks to their international experience in the yachting world, we are fully aware of what can be purchased, but also what can be improved in the various existing models. That’s why we took a different approach and made our dream come true: developing a great looking and practical runabout. There is not a single yacht that comes even close to the Keizer 42 with this mix of dimensions, inside space, practical convenience and price.

Keizer 42 - Keizer Yachts

Bravery changes everything

We had a dream. We took a risk. We developed a modern runabout from scratch that is both good looking and practical. With our bravery, we changed the segment of open sports boats. The result is the Keizer 42.

Keizer 42 - Keizer Yachts

Dutch design.
German build.

We at Keizer Yachts took a different approach in building this new sports yacht. By joining forces with two world-leading companies, Vripack Architects for design & naval architecture and Bavaria Yachtbau for their unrivalled ultra-modern production facilities, we have been able to make our vision come true.

We are proud to build the Keizer 42 in Germany. At Bavaria, they combine the boat building tradition with German engineering and the ability to manufacture yachts precisely to the millimetre with the use of modern industrial production facilities. Building our yacht in one of the best shipyards in the world and by the best engineers and boat builders is a great advantage for a new company. Together with Bavaria Yachtbau we have a great and solid production platform for every future Keizer owner. It gives us the peace of mind to focus on development, service, after-sales and our dealer network, while you profit from the best quality.

Dutch Design. German Build. - Keizer 42 Dutch Design. German Build. - Keizer 42

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different approach

We took a different approach in designing, developing and building this new yacht.

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